Philosophy of Curriculum

At St. Brendan High School, our aim is to foster the intellectual, physical, and social development of each of our students. Guided by our mission, we offer a curriculum that is designed to meet the specific learning needs of the individual student. In order to achieve academic excellence and success, students must learn how to think critically. In doing so, they make connections between content and application. These connections allow students to confidently communicate their thoughts and develop a plan of action.


We offer students a variety of programs that provide them with the opportunity to learn the concepts and develop the skills necessary for success at the next level. Teachers plan lessons and accompany instruction by diversifying activities and assessments so that all students have opportunities to demonstrate content mastery. Our Academies Program provides students with the freedom to explore fields of interest both in and out of the classroom. 

Student Placement

Student placement is an integral component of the design of a curricular framework that provides vertical flexibility in order to individualize learning. Student course assignments depend on HSPT exam results, a student’s complete academic record, placement exam data, and recommendations from the academic council. Placement in a course level in a given year can change for the following year provided that the prerequisites are met. Courses are categorized into one of four levels.

  • Fundamental Courses (Phase 1) - guide students through the acquisition of basic knowledge and skills in a specific subject matter that will serve as a foundation for college.

  • College Prep Courses (Phase 2) - provide students who can assume the responsibility of working independently to some degree with the essential content and skills necessary to achieve success in college. 

  • Honors Courses (Phase 3) - direct students who assume the responsibility of working independently to extend their learning beyond the content of a course in preparation for college and career.

  • Advanced Placement Courses (Phase 4) - afford students the opportunity to demonstrate mastery and proficiency in an area of study while working to earn college credit.

Course Load

Educational planning is a must for all students. Careful consideration should be given to each of the factors that contribute to a successful educational experience. A planned program of course selection will help clarify personal goals and provide a solid foundation for the future. Course selections should be based on the student’s academic record, interests, St. Brendan High School graduation requirements, college admission and scholarship requisites, and career goals. These decisions should be made in conjunction with the advice of parents, teachers, and the grade-level guidance counselor.

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