Academies Program

What are Academies?

Academies are essentially schools within our school. They work very much like college majors, with students enrolling in one of four schools that focus on specific areas. Each has a specialized curriculum, electives, clubs, field trips, invitational competitions, as well as its own research/internship partnerships with local universities, companies, hospitals or other institutions. The purpose of the academies is to prepare students for college and future career opportunities. More importantly, these academies help our students find true fulfillment and fruitfulness by discovering God’s will for their lives.


Students in a particular academy are placed in “cohorts.” These cohorts follow the same schedule, allowing them to form small learning communities that share similar goals. Peer learning is encouraged through group projects, facilitating a more effective relationship among peers and with teachers.


Students will be introduced to the various academies during their freshman year. Students can choose to apply to an academy during the second semester. Those who choose not to apply will remain in our college prep curriculum.


Every academy follows nationally recognized, Common Core Standards to ensure a high level of education. At the same time, curriculum, instruction, and assessment are aligned to ensure college preparedness. All academies give students the opportunity to register in Advanced Placement and Dual Enrollment courses that will allow students to earn college credit while still in high school.


Academy Program Directors 

Matthew Bowen

Law and Global Business Academy Chair, Business & Technology Department Chair

Steve Piscitelli

Director of Alumni Relations, Law & Global Business Academy Chair

Gabriella Yurubi

Medical Sciences Academy Chair, Science

Elizabeth Perez

Alpha Program Coordinator, Medical Sciences Academy Chair, Science

Arlene Ceballos-Adams

Director of Technology, STEM Academy Chair, Business & Technology

Keiffer Scott

STEM Academy Chair, Science

Susana Almansa

Visual and Performing Arts Academy Chair, Art Department Chair

Frank Escariz

Visual & Performing Arts Academy Chair, Art

Medical Sciences Academy

The Medical Sciences Academy will provide the university bound student with the academics and skills needed for a Pre-Med, Pre-Vet, Pre-Pharmacy, Pre-Dental and Nursing majors. It will provide a solid foundation in the core subjects and have the unique opportunity to take courses prepared academically in a rigorous medical science course of study.


Students will have the opportunity to work closely with area hospitals, local universities and respected professionals within our community in their respective fields along with laboratory experiences that will expose MSA students to hands-on, practical clinical skills. They will be able to learn through integrated technology in both the classroom and laboratory setting, as well as
hands-on research and field experience including but not limited to surgical viewings, genetics forums, and medical research projects. Health Explorations, First Aid, and Anatomy courses, among others, are taught using our computerized patient simulator.


Students in the Medical Sciences Academy will have the opportunity to join various clubs, including: Pre-Med, Phi Beta Chi Honor Society, Athletic Trainers’ Society, Students Against Cancer, AIDS Awareness, and Red Cross.

STEM Academy

Careers in science, technology, engineering, and math are among the fastest growing fields in the U.S. The STEM Academy offers a curriculum designed to help meet the increasing demand for qualified employees in these fields. The faculty works closely with local universities, businesses, and engineering firms to ensure that the coursework will give students the best tools to succeed in their university and beyond. Students in the STEM Academy will be able to enter college programs fully competent in required mathematics, science, and computer science courses. Through their preparation, our students will face the growing challenges of today’s most sought after careers.


Students will gain exposure through field trips and regional and national competitions. They will also have the opportunity to participate in various honor societies and clubs, including the STEM, Robotics, Coding/Programming and Environmental Science clubs. Students who love video games have the opportunity to create and program their own. Engaging activities and research in this academy include drone operation, coding, biotechnology, rocket and bridge building, computer programming (apps, video games, etc.), artificial intelligence seminars, aeronautic and marine engineering, architectural  /engineering design, satellite imagery, environmental research, and space exploration. Among others, the STEM Academy offers courses in Coding/ Programming, Robotics and Engineering.

Law and Global Business Academy

St. Brendan High School’s Law and Global Business Academy will introduce students to opportunities offered in the legal and global business fields of the 21st Century.


This Academy includes two distinct tracks. The Law track will help students develop an understanding and appreciation for the American legal system through classroom education as well as hands-on legal activities such as mock trials, shadowing legal professionals, and Model UN and debate competitions. The Law track offers courses in Criminal Justice, Constitutional Law, and Criminal/Civil Law. Students will be exposed to experts in the field, including attorneys, judges, and law enforcement personnel. They may also participate in clubs such as Future Lawyers of America, Political Awareness, and Model United Nations.


The Global Business track allows students to immerse themselves in specialized courses, including Business Management, Business Law, Accounting, and Marketing. Additional electives include courses in Entrepreneurship, Financial Planning, and Sports Management. Students will be able to bring to fruition their ideas for new businesses through the creation of a full business plan. Taking part in internships, Future Business Leaders of America local and national competitions, and other business related activities will enhance the Academy experience. 

Visual and Performing Arts Academy

Students in this academy will explore visual arts, such as film production and digital media, as well as performing arts. Visual arts will encompass both traditional methods and innovative digital media. Performing arts will allow students to express themselves through choir, dance, music and drama. St. Brendan High School will expand the students’ exposure to art through cultural experiences that include museum and gallery visits, theatrical performances, and concerts. Educational workshops will help them hone their artistic talents. Students are challenged to create their own work and present it to the public at large through art exhibitions, musicals, dance/drama performances, concerts, and film festivals.

Partnerships with local universities, TV channels, and artists provide students with the opportunity to learn from experts in the different fields. Students will also take part in local and regional competitions in drama, choral and symphonic performances, digital media, and art. They can also become involved in various clubs such as Drama, Dance, Photography, Choir, Band, and Broadcasting.