College Outcomes

Testing and College Acceptance

Standardized Testing Profile

St. Brendan High School facilitates standardized testing on-site in order to measure and develop individual abilities, aptitudes, and interests. The average St. Brendan High School student’s SAT & ACT scores consistently exceed both State and National means. Noteworthy recent analysis shows that in the last two years, the percentage of St. Brendan Students who met the ACT college readiness benchmarks rose 69 percent in science and 35 percent in math. The percentage of students who met the overall ACT benchmark composite scores for the school also rose by 81 percent. 

In order to assist students in making substantial gains on their standardized testing, St. Brendan High School offers SARA. Designed to utilize a blended, e-learning course for 9th – 12th grade students, this program looks to strengthen math and verbal fundamentals in preparation for the PSAT, ACT, and SAT.

The following standardized testing opportunities are offered through St. Brendan High School:
ASPIRE: Grades 9 – 10
PSAT: Grades 9 – 11
ACT: Grades 11 – 12
SAT: Grades 11 – 12


Testing Profile

Percentage of students who took the ACT: 99%
Mean composite score on the ACT: 26–32
Percentage of students who took the SAT: 90%
Mean composite score on the SAT (utilizing only Verbal and Math): 1120–1330

College Acceptances