In 1975, the Archdiocese of Miami founded St. Brendan High School to foster both academic excellence and the holistic development of each student in a co-ed Catholic institution. The school’s curriculum is developed through the horizontal and vertical alignment of national, state, and Catholic standards that support a college preparatory and academies-centered program that features an outstanding variety of options which enables students to achieve their full potential. Additionally, the curriculum offers 44 courses at the honors level in all academic subject areas.

Students of all abilities thrive in one of three curricular programs. 


Alpha Program

The Alpha Program is an accelerated and rigorous academic program designed for intellectually gifted and highly motivated students. Students take the most challenging course offerings at St. Brendan High School, as well as participate in a great variety of enrichment activities.


Champagnat Program

The Champagnat Program is a program that supports the specific learning needs of students with exceptionalities.The program features an inclusive model of instruction provided by certified special education faculty in generally self-contained classroom environments.


College Prep Program

Students in this program benefit from a challenging academic environment that helps students acquire the skills necessary to be college and career ready. Honors, AP, and dual enrollment courses offer advanced students the opportunity to learn beyond the ordinary scope of a course.

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Advanced Placement and Pre-AP Courses

Nationally recognized, the Advanced Placement (AP) and Pre-AP courses are offered through the College Board. Pre-AP courses serve to prepare students for success on future AP courses. Success on an AP exam is defined as an exam score of 3 or higher, which research finds predictive of college success and college graduation. In the last 5 years, St. Brendan High School students have scored consistently above Florida and Global AP students with mean scores. Enrollment in AP courses is determined by a student’s grades, teacher recommendations, and course availability.

Dual Enrollment Courses

The Dual Enrollment Program allows students to earn college credits in specific courses granted by St. Thomas University.  Students can earn 3 or 4 college credits per semester per approved course. Credit is recognized within Florida by most colleges and universities, but may or may not be accepted outside of Florida. Each college or university has established policies regarding the acceptance of dual enrollment credits.

Dual Enrollment for a course is dependent on the qualifications of the instructor and the regulations set forth by St. Thomas University. Course availability may change without prior notice. Students must receive a final grade of “C” or better to transfer credits, and are limited to a maximum of 29 credits at time of graduation. Dual enrollment courses are open to sophomores, juniors, and seniors with a minimum cumulative unweighted GPA of 3.0.