Champagnat Program

In 2001, St. Brendan High School launched the first Catholic high school program for students with mild to moderate learning disabilities. The Champagnat Program was created in response to an increased demand in South Florida for students with specific learning disabilities who wanted to receive a Catholic education. Certified Special Education teachers provide instruction. This program consists of both an inclusive model with support, as well as self-contained classrooms depending on the student’s specific needs. All students enrolled in this program must fulfill the graduation requirements established by the State of Florida. Structured internship programs are also offered, along with assistance for college and vocational placement after high school.


Criteria for admission includes, but it is not limited to, prior years’ report cards, recommendation letters, a current psycho-educational evaluation, as well as an interview.


Champagnat Program

A message from Daisy Cruz, Special Education Coordinator.

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Daisy Cruz

Special Education Coordinator