International Program

Founded during the 2007-2008 school year, the International Program is a 3-month student exchange program.Currently different St. Brendan families are hosting students from Spain, Italy, and France.vIn the past years, students have participated from countries such as Germany and China. Since the program's inception dozens of teachers created friendships and shared languages, culture, food, and traditions.


Sabre families have been enriched by hosting international students and sending their children to families in other countries.

A Personal Testimonial: 

I got involved with the International Student Exchange Program in 2008 because two girls from Italy who were staying with another family needed a ride to school. I never dreamed that gesture would help my family grow in so many ways. For 4 years now we have hosted students from Spain, China, and developed close bonds with our students from Italy. It has broadened the horizons of my entire family. We have learned about the Italian, Spanish, and Chinese cultures, which in turn, has made us more aware and proud of our own culture. We have learned to cook their food, and speak a little bit of their languages. My son would even pull out the world map and look for their countries. The experience has been amazing.


It has also given my daughters the opportunity to go to Spain and spend their summers there with the families of our Spanish “children”. When my oldest daughter, Stephanie, returned from her trip she said, “What I learned the most was that the faith of Papi and Mami was so much bigger than us, than our family, than Miami. It became more real to be able to experience that same faith abroad, with another family.”


My family’s experience with the International Program has helped us learn more about our culture, our world, our faith, and ourselves.


Mrs. Miriam Smith

St. Brendan High School alumna, Class of 1987

International Program Coordinator 

Theology Department Chair

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Miriam Smith

International Program Coordinator, Theology Department Chair