Guidance and College Advising

The goal of our Guidance and Counseling Departments is to support growth in maturity through freedom and responsibility. To this end, St. Brendan has established a counseling approach to discipline. There are many ways we seek to help students grow academically, psychologically, and spiritually. Our goal is to guide them on the path that will lead to a fulfilled and successful life. Our counselors work towards helping students understand their experiences and find their paths in life by establishing a collaborative relationship between students, parents, teachers, and administrators. We strive to treat students in a manner that promotes mutual respect, understanding, and acceptance while enhancing self-esteem, self-expression, and self-discipline. 

Key components include: 

• Each student is assigned a grade-level counselor along with a college advisor to work with all four years
 • Students are advised about course selection, with counselors promoting choices that will prepare them for college and career
 • Communicating with students and parents through grade-level meetings
 • Support for students who face difficulties related to low academic performance, poor attendance, standards of behavior, family matters, peer pressure, social adjustment, self-esteem, and chronic illness 
• Engagement of students in community service learning programs 
• Testing site for SAT and ACT
 • Offering SAT and ACT preparation classes on campus
 • Communicating with administration and teachers to improve understanding of student behavior and/or academic difficulties 
• Providing information to students regarding institutions of higher learning, entrance requirements, scholarship opportunities, college costs, student aid, job opportunities, and career areas
 • Helping students develop an electronic portfolio during the four years of high school that will be used in their college application 
• Coordinating college visitations with a variety of college representatives
 • Providing visits to Ivy League Schools 
• Offering Florida College trip to the top six State Universities
 • Maintaining a College Advising Website geared towards college readiness and procedures
 • Offering a college fair on campus with more than 100 colleges and universities in attendance

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