We provide our students with a comprehensive, and challenging academic environment, with access to the latest educational resources and the most technological tools available. Our collective goal at St. Brendan is to be at the forefront of this cutting-edge, technological revolution in the field of education. In 2012, we implemented a one to one iPad program in which each student has his or her own iPad. Every student has the same access to productivity tools and learning instruments as well as the latest in computer software, instructional resources and high-speed Internet at any time and from anywhere in the school.


The iPads enable students to have digital “text” books and note taking applications, which ensure organizational skills and ease of access to resources. Teachers use their iPads as a roaming “whiteboard” and are able to display their lessons and engage the students’ interest with the use in-classroom Apple TV’s.


St. Brendan is also outfitted with 60” High Definition TVs throughout the campus, which serve as bulletin boards for daily and weekly activities, updates from the Guidance and Counseling Office and in-house productions from our own SBN (St. Brendan News).


All of these initiatives go along with St. Brendan’s commitment to be stewards of our planet and “Go Green” by moving towards a paperless environment.

Technology Office

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Arlene Ceballos-Adams

Director of Technology, STEM Academy Chair, Business & Technology

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Systems & Network Administrator