At St. Brendan the focus of our athletic programs is on personal growth and fostering opportunities for college scholarships. We firmly believe that all athletic endeavors are an extension of our academic programs.


Sports practice is life practice. Our coaches understand that the fields and courts are an extension to the classroom. Our athletes will learn valuable lessons through practice and competition, including sacrifice, trust, obedience, and growth. Our players grow in self-awareness, and this awareness helps them to relate to their peers, discover the essential goodness in others, and learn how to compete against rivals while respecting them. Part of this education is the focus on an adequate concept of the human body. Although exercise and a healthy lifestyle are important, it is also imperative to remember that the body is the home of the mind and soul. Our competitive sports programs foster the development of the entire individual, forming athletes who are also scholars. By encouraging our athletes to become well rounded, they are actively sought by the top universities in the nation.


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Kevin Esteban

Athletic Director

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Athletic Trainer