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As our school motto states; at St. Brendan we are “led by Christ, who changes our hearts and the world”. This motto guides the direction of the school. Our administration, faculty, staff, students and community strive to live this motto and are proud to share and transmit it to others.

Catholic identity is the foundation of St. Brendan. Faith is the key element of our educational approach. From Freshman to Senior year, our students attend Theology courses as part of our interdisciplinary Catholic curriculum. Faith is what helps our students integrate their knowledge and experiences and manage their lives. The goal is that they take ownership of their faith and live balanced and fulfilling lives. At St. Brendan High School, we have a strong belief in our Catholic identity. We attend Mass, offer the Sacrament of Confession, retreats, Ignite, Campus Ministry and other events throughout the year which enhance this belief. The goal for each of our students to discover the person God has created them to be and to strive each day for our ultimate goal, heaven. 

“Here I am Lord; I come to do your will”

In the Archdiocese of Miami, Catholic schools provide service to those in need at the school, church, state, and national levels. In order to fulfill the mission of forming disciples, the necessary elements of teaching Catholic values and reflection on the impact of the activity need to be combined with the action of serving the community. Through our Community Service Learning (CSL) Program at St. Brendan High School, students are provided an opportunity to take action and reflect upon the Corporal and Spiritual Works of Mercy that have been incorporated into their instruction. Our CSL program is intended not simply as an exercise in the satisfaction of a certain number of hours of service to the community, but rather is intended to help students learn from that service in a real and meaningful way, and grow in their faith.

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