Faith & Service

As our school motto states; at St. Brendan we are “led by Christ, who changes our hearts and the world”. It is clear that more and more our motto guides the direction of the school. Our administration, faculty, staff, students and community live this motto and are proud to share and transmit it to others.


Catholic identity is paramount at St. Brendan. Faith is the key element of our educational approach. From Freshman to Senior year, our students attend Theology courses as part of our interdisciplinary Catholic curriculum. Faith is what helps our students integrate their knowledge and experiences and manage their lives. The goal is that they take ownership of their faith and live balanced and fulfilling lives. At St. Brendan High School, we have a strong belief in our Catholic identity. We have programs and events throughout the year which enhance this belief.


Every week, we celebrate grade level Masses and once a month, come together as an entire school community for the celebration of the Eucharist. In the liturgical seasons of Advent and Easter, we have prayer services. Students have the opportunity to attend daily morning Eucharist Services before classes begin. Students pray The Rosary every day during the month of October. Confessions are held each quarter and all students are free to participate if they choose to do so.

Our Campus Ministers lead the student retreats throughout the year. During their Freshman and Sophomore years, the students attend a one-day retreat; the Junior students attend multiple two-day retreats and the Seniors attend multiple three-day retreats during the school year. Students who have not received all of their sacraments of initiation, have the opportunity to do so by attending preparation classes beginning in November and concluding in the spring. This is followed by a Confirmation Mass, which is celebrated in the Seminary Chapel in March.


Another way of following on Christ’s path is by serving those in need. By providing service to the community during their high school years, students learn how to carry that into their adult lives after high school. Students are required to fulfill a minimum of 25 hours of community service per year, with a graduation requirement of 100 hours. There is no limit to the number of hours students can serve. Every graduating class on average complete approximately 65,000 hours of community service learning. There are many agencies and centers where students can help serve their community. Marian Center School (individuals with disabilities), Camillus House (homeless), St. John Bosco and St. James Parish (financial hardship), and Catholic Hospice are among the many organizations where our students help.


St. Brendan students also have the opportunity to be a part of our Spirit Fire youth group, which meets after school. In the summer, students may join the yearly trip to Notre Dame University for the Catholic Leadership program. Students also have the opportunity to attend a pilgrimage to Europe every year during the Easter break.


Through the “B Catholic” segment in the televised morning announcements and through social media, our Catholic identity is fostered. As a school, the students, faculty and staff pray together every morning, as well as get informed of upcoming opportunities to grow in their faith. Every class period also starts with prayer.


Our faith is not only instilled in our students but in our faculty and staff as well. Each year the faculty and staff attend a retreat in which they partake in prayer service, exposition of the Holy Eucharist, talks by members of the religious community and celebration of Mass. Additionally, all of our faculty are required to be catechist certified.

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