Catholic Campus Life

At St. Brendan High School, we are interested in what students learn and in who they will become. We strive to foster an experience of faith, knowledge, hope, and charity that can only be achieved through a true Catholic education.

Education comes from the Latin “educo”, which means, “to raise up.” To educate is to help someone grow, not only physically, but in all areas. “Educo” also means, “to lead out.” Education entails drawing out something that is inside each student so that they can find their destiny. If the child wants to go from Miami to New York, he/she needs a map. Our School provides students with the maps they need to properly understand their lives and our global world, so that they can discover their interests and personal goals, and become authentic individuals.

This all takes place through a true Catholic education guaranteed by the Archdiocese of Miami. In fact, St. Brendan is largest archdiocesan co-ed high school in Miami-Dade County. The faith that Catholic children practice in their parishes and schools is continued and enhanced at St. Brendan through weekly masses, periodic confessions, daily prayer before every class, numerous retreats, community service learning programs and multiple religious activities. Our students learn not to be content with the little things, because a real and lived experience of faith, knowledge, hope and charity constantly enlarges their souls.