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Since opening its doors in 1975, St. Brendan High School has been a leader in secondary education for the Archdiocese of Miami. At St. Brendan we strive to provide nothing less than an exceptional Catholic education, through an ever-expanding curriculum, the most advanced educational resources, cutting edge technology, and faith-centered spiritual formation. The fiscal demands of providing an outstanding education continue to surge. At, St. Brendan we maintain one of the most affordable tuitions in South Florida.


While it is evident that our school prioritizes providing an a Catholic education to its students, regardless of their family's economic position, our strategic plan also emphasizes the enhancement of our academic, athletic and campus ministry programs as well as our campus buildings and facilities. The impact of charitable contributions made to St. Brendan High School can be seen in the successful implementation of our academies, new academic and athletic facilities, enhanced educational programs, and tuition assistance for our students who are in need of financial aid. As we continue to look beyond the daily finances and make bold plans for the future, we depend on the generosity and investment of all members of the Sabre family to help bring these plans to fruition. We ask for your ongoing support as we move into Phase III of the school's Master Plan-the renovation of the gymnasium and pool. 

Why Give?

St. Brendan High School is planning and building toward an exciting future! We invite you to participate in this next stage in our school's history. Your investment will not only help offset the costs associated with Phase Ill of the Master Plan, it will also subsidize the ongoing enhancement of our academic, athletic and campus ministry programs.


Phase Ill of our Campus Master Plan will result in a completely renovated school gymnasium and pool. We ask that you make St. Brendan High School a philanthropic priority and partner with us as we endeavor to transform the school's gymnasium and pool into a state-of-the-art facility. This project will allow our athletes greater opportunities to succeed in their sport. Furthermore, the ongoing enhancement and development of our academic, athletic and campus ministry programs directly impact our students' intellectual, emotional, and spiritual growth. Your financial support of our school programs will ensure that each student has every opportunity to achieve personal success and make St. Brendan High School highly competitive among other high schools in South Florida.


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Impact of Giving

All non-profit, educational institutions rely on charitable giving from their alumni base, current families, friends, and community partners. These donations, pledges, and gifts help subsidize the costs associated with the ongoing enhancement of our academic programming; ensuring that the school implements the most advanced curriculum. Furthermore, donations, pledges, and gifts made to St. Brendan High School provides the administration greater opportunity to attract and retain our greatest asset - our faculty. Lastly, with your support, St. Brendan High School can conserve its commitment to maintaining  affordable tuition and provide tuition assistance to qualifying students.


Charitable giving helps to secure an exceptional future for St. Brendan High School by allowing us to improve and expand our school facilities. Building projects from our Campus Improvement Plan such as new Innovation Center, the state-of-the-art athletics fields, redesigned parking lot,  the drop-off/pick-up, upgraded classrooms, and the new chapel, are all examples of what has been accomplished with intentional budgeting, a well-exexcuted strategic planning and the financial support of the members of the Sabre community.


Ways to Give


Tax Information & Impact on Charitable Giving


For most taxpayers, up to $300 of donations to charities are deductible in 2020 as part of the new CARES Act.  If you take the standard deduction and do not itemize on your tax return, you can deduct up to $300 of cash contributions made to qualifying organizations such as St. Brendan High School. 


The contribution must be either by cash, credit card, check, or workplace payroll deduction. Donations of goods or services are not eligible. You can’t claim this deduction if you itemize deductions on your 2023 tax return (i.e., you must claim the standard deduction).


*This is provided for informational purposes only. For more information, please consult your accountant or financial planner.

Annual Giving

Annual giving is a concerted effort to raise funds to best serve the current and future students of St. Brendan High School. Cash, securities or in-kind gifts support a myriad of programs and help offset costs that are only partly covered by tuition.


St. Brendan is recognized by the IRS under section 501-c-3 as a tax exempt organization. Donations provided to St. Brendan are considered tax deductible as long as no goods or services have been received in exchange for your gift.

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Continue the Tradition

"As an alumna, I wanted my older son to attend St. Brendan High School. However, it was ultimately his choice since he was also accepted to an all-boys school. To say we are happy that he chose St. B is an understatement.


The education, support, spiritual guidance and opportunities (both educational and extracurricular) provided to him have been invaluable. He is in the ALPHA program which has challenged him to grow as an individual and independent thinker. We look forward to continuing on in the Sabre family with our younger son next year."

-Laura Llerena-Hernandez '91, Alumna and Parent