Ways to Give & Areas of Support

St. Brendan High School is planning and building toward an exciting future! We invite you to participate in this next stage in our school's history. Your investment will not only help offset the costs associated with Phase Ill of the Master Plan, it will also subsidize the ongoing enhancement of our academic, athletic and campus ministry programs.


Phase Ill of our Campus Master Plan will result in a completely renovated school gymnasium and pool. We ask that you make St. Brendan High School a philanthropic priority and partner with us as we endeavor to transform the school's gymnasium and pool into a state-of-the-art facility. This project will allow our athletes greater opportunities to succeed in their sport. 


Furthermore, the ongoing enhancement and development of our academic, athletic and campus ministry programs will directly impact our students' intellectual, emotional, and spiritual growth. Your financial support of our school programs will ensure that each student has every opportunity to achieve personal success and make St. Brendan High School highly competitive among other high schools in South Florida.

Please review the information provided on this page and see how you can partner with us.


Ways To Give

Areas of Support

What matters most to you?

Tuition Assistance: St. Brendan seeks to level the playing field by offering financial assistance to those who qualify through FACTS. Financial assistance based on need is calculated.


Academic Programming: Our exceptional academic program offers 38 Honors courses, 18 Dual Enrollment Courses, and 23 AP Courses, resulting in a yearly average of over $10 Million awarded in post-secondary scholarships to our graduates. Additionally, St. Brendan High School offers a Comprehensive Academies Program consisting of STEM, Medical Sciences, Law & Global Business, and Visual and Performing Arts. The Academies provide a tailored curriculum designed to allow students to channel their talents and choose an educational path that will guide them to discovering God’s plan for them.


Campus & Technological Improvements: Additionally, with the help of donations, St. Brendan High School successfully implemented a one-to-one IPad program, renovated the girls’ locker room, weight room, and athletic trainer’s facility, and provided a scoreboard for the sports fields.


New Construction: As you may know, our new state-of-the-art Innovation Center is complete. The addition of the Innovation Center was Phase 1 of St. Brendan’s Master Plan to develop the entire campus. Phase 2, will develop new athletic fields and reconfigure the parking and traffic flow.


Faith-Based Programs: The Sabre Fund provides immediate, flexible dollars for faith-centered activities such as retreats and service learning projects. Our Sabres mentor children in need and help the poor in communities such as St. James and St. Mary’s Cathedral schools, St. John Bosco, Marian Center and Migrants in Naranja. Please contact the Development Office to contribute to a faith-based program.


Competitive Athletic Programs: Our athletic program offers 17 competitive sports, with over 500 athletes participating.