Apple Distinguished School Nominee


At St. Brendan High School, technology serves as a conduit for academic excellence. Through the incorporation of technology into teaching and learning, our students are encouraged to explore the endless possibilities which promote learning that extends beyond the classroom. Learning is interactive and dynamic, maximizing the inventive potential of students while encouraging them to work together and think outside the box. These strategies foster environments of curiosity marked by boundless access to information and opportunities for creativity make learning more exciting. Students are primed with the skills to adapt to technology while learning how to implement it in more meaningful ways.


In the digital landscape of St. Brendan High School, imagination knows no bounds. Through cutting-edge tools and innovative platforms, we empower students to unleash their creativity and explore new frontiers. The discoveries that result promote collaboration and the development of problem-solving skills to tackle the issues of today and create solutions for the future. Technology provides a canvas for students to envision, experiment, and bring their ideas to life. By encouraging exploration and pushing the boundaries of traditional learning, we are able to nurture a culture of innovation and imagination that prepares students to excel in an increasingly complex and interconnected world.


The 1:1 iPad program ensures equity of access to digital tools and develops a community that views technology as an essential component of meaningful communication, research and progress. Collaborative digital platforms serve as scenes for discourse that champion solutions to real-world challenges and address global concerns which reinforce a commitment to innovation and Catholic social justice. Technology paves individualized pathways for students to engage in learning unique to their abilities and interests. At St. Brendan High School, technology is not a mere supplement to education, but rather a catalyst to developing a generation of leaders committed to driving positive change in the world.