Mission & Vision

Mission Statement

To provide a Catholic educational experience to young men and women that inspires a passion for learning by fostering  intellectual, physical, social and spiritual development through academic excellence and mutual respect.


With the help and guidance of faculty and staff, students grow in self-awareness and the awareness of a complex and global world. Students become college and career ready in the 21st Century through the use of the latest educational resources and cutting-edge technological tools available. Students, faculty and staff build unity through a lived experience of faith, culture, innovation, and charity.

Educational Philosophy

We accomplish our mission through an educational philosophy based on reason, freedom and unity.


1. Reason: our students learn how to think so that they can understand their lives and our complex world. Learning how to think involves inquiry, innovation, creativity, peer learning and group collaboration, ingenuity and project-based learning. Students learn how to think about their thinking and how to think out of the box. They study logic and learn how
to use reason in a logical way. They learn how to break down challenging word problems and case studies, how to make inferences, and how to develop strategic thinking. They learn how to develop research, collect data, analyze it, and test hypotheses.

2. Freedom: our students learn how to use their freedom so that they develop self-discipline and responsibility and take ownership of their learning and faith. They are encouraged to learn from their mistakes and life experiences, so that they grow and are eager to seek the truth. Thus, they live and share their faith, they become more mature and responsible, and they live fulfilling lives.

3. Unity: our school is a place of unity. At St. Brendan High School, God has called us to learn together and learn from each other. By gathering us together, God has united us and has provided a purpose to our friendship. This unity is visible through very special student-teacher relationships, solid parent-teacher partnerships, great alumni involvement, and the family environment of our school community. We share an ideal of
life – Christ – therefore, our lives and our community are constantly rebuilt. 


Ivette Alvarez

"The things that we love tell us what we are."               -St. Thomas Aquinas